Friend, we are waiting for you!

Arrive to the Syöte and throw out your everyday chores. Let the magic of forests take over your mind and let the beautiful nature gives you strength. In Syöte, you are here and you are in no hurry for anything.

With us you will enjoy the peace and nature of nature in all seasons. The southernmost fell area in Finland is surprisingly close. On this page you will find information on how to get to the Syöte and navigate in the Syöte region.

Plan your trip to Syöte – Find the best trip quickly. Purchase train, flight & bus tickets and compare timetables.

By plane

Syöte is accessible via airports of Oulu, Rovaniemi Kuusamo and Kajaani. The flight from Helsinki to Oulu takes about an hour and the transfer from the airport to Syöte takes 1.5–2 hours. The travel time from Rovaniemi to Syöte is about 2 hours and from Kuusamo about 1.5 hours.

Schedules and timetables: &

Public transport

The nearest train station is in Oulu, from where you can continue your journey by bus, rental car, charter bus (for groups) or taxi.

The bus between Oulu and Kuusamo stops in Pudasjärvi at the junction of Syöte and at the Poijula stop. Further transport can be arranged in advance with local entrepreneurs.

By car

The easiest way from south to Syöte by car is to drive via Oulu.  Syöte is about 145 kilometres from Oulu. Take the Highway 20 to Pudasjärvi, and then continue towards Kuusamo. Signposts will guide you flexibly to your destination.

By bus


    Using shuttle bus service, you get to travel directly from Oulu Airport to Ruka.

    Oulu Airport Shuttle Bus is available on Tuesdays during 2.7.-27.8.2024 and on Saturdays during 1.6.-28.9.2024. This connection is especially suitable for Lufthansa flights from Munich to Oulu. 

    Please notice that this is demand based shuttle bus and needs to be booked 2 days (48 hours) prior the departure time of the shuttle bus in order to make service happen. You can book your tickets from

    50 €/person/one way Ruka/Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki – Oulu Airport
    40 €/person/one way Taivalkoski/Pudasjärvi/Syöte – Oulu Airport

    Please note: This connection does not operate via Oulu city centre or Kuusamo city centre.

    More information and last-minute booking enquiries: Ruka Info, or +358 40 689 6802.


  • Skibus to Syöte on Saturdays

    Schedule and route

    Saaga Travel Skibus from Oulu to Syöte operates during the skiing season. You can reach Ski resort Iso-Syöte, Ski Resort Pikku-Syöte and Syöte National Park Visitor Centre by the Skibus.

    • Liminka, Neste at 7.30
    • Kempele, Shell Zeppelin at 7.40
    • Oulu bus station, charter bus platform at 8.00
      • Merikoskenkatu (express stop
      • Hintta intersection, bus stop
      • Jääli grill kiosk, bus stop
    • Kiiminki (highway 20 bus stop) at appr. 8.20
    • Pudasjärvi (highway 20 bus stop) at appr. 9.15
    • Ski Resort Iso-Syöte at appr. 10.00
      • Ski Resort Pikku-Syöte if needed
      • Syöte Visitor Centre if needed
    • Return to Oulu
    • By prior arrangement: Syöte Visitor Centre lower parking place* at 16.15
    • By prior arrangement: Pikku-Syöte (rental shop)* at 16.30
    • Ski Resort Iso-Syöte at 17.00
  • Nevakivi – Timetable (Monday – Friday)



    SCHEDULE 10.8.2022 – 2.6.2023 (Monday to Friday)


    Monday –  Friday

    7:30                  Kuusamo, Ervasti square

    7:32                  Kuusamo, Bus Station

    8:20                  Taivalkoski

    9:15                  Pudasjärvi

    10:00                Kiiminki

    10:30                Oulu


    Monday – Friday

    13:00                Oulu

    about 13:20    Kiiminki

    14:15                Pudasjärvi

    15:10                Taivalkoski

    16:10                Kuusamo




    Monday – Friday

    7:45                 Syötekylä

    I                       Luontokeskus

    7:55                 Romekievari

    I                       Hotelli Isosyöte

    8:15                 Iinattijärvi

    8:20                 Poijula

    9:00                 Pudasjärvi



    Monday  –  Friday

    15:00               Pudasjärvi

    15:25               Poijula

    15:30               Iinattijärvi

    T                      Hotelli Isosyöte

    15:50               Romekievari (near Kide hotel)

    T                      Luontokeskus

    16:00               Syötekylä

    T                      Hotelli Pikku-Syöte

Syöte area bus 2023-2024

11.-23.12.2023, 8.1.-17.2.2024, 11.3.-28.3.2024 Mon-Sat *

6.12 ja 9.12.2023, 24.12.2023-7.1.2024, 19.2.-9.3.2024, 29.3.-1.4.2024 /daily

Price for one journey 2 €/person. Cash only.

  • Line 1

    9:30 Iso-Syöte base, Tunturi Market, KIDE Hotel

    9:40 Hotelli Iso-Syöte

    9:50 Iso-Syöte base, Tunturi Market, KIDE Hotel

    9:55 Pärjänkievari/NP Visitor Centre

    10:05 Hotel Pikku-Syöte

    10:10 Pikku-Syöte base

    10:15 Pärjänkievari/NP Visitor Centre

    10:20 Iso-Syöte base, Tunturi Market, KIDE Hotel

  • Line 2

    Line 2

    12:30 Pärjänkievari/NP Visitor Centr

    12:35 Iso-Syöte base, Tunturi Market, KIDE Hote

    12:45 Hotel Iso-Syöte

    12:55 Iso-Syöte base, Tunturi Market, KIDE Hotel

    13:00 Pärjänkievari/NP Visitor Centre

    13:05 Pikku-Syöte

  • Line 3

    14:25 Pikku-Syöte base

    14:30 Hotel Pikku-Syöte

    14:40 Pärjänkievari/NP Visitor Centre

    14:45 Iso-Syöte base, Tunturi Market, KIDE Hotel

    14:50 Hotel Iso-Syöte

    14:55Iso-Syöte base, Tunturi Market, KIDE Hotel

    15:00  Pikku-Syöte base

    15:05 HotelPikku-Syöte

  • Line 4

    17:00 Iso-Syöte base, Tunturi Market, KIDE Hotel

    17:05 Hotel Iso-Syöte

    17:15 Pikku-Syöte base

    17:20 Hotel Pikku-Syöte

Companies who makes possible the area bus:
Hotelli Iso-Syöte | Romekievari | Tunturi Market, Tunturi Pub | Prodine Oy, Bistoria  | STP Liikenne | Syötteen Keskusvaraamo | Hiihtokeskus Iso-Syöte |  Syöte Rent & Safaris |  Pytkyranch 

Car rental service

You can catch a flight or a train to Oulu and continue from Oulu to Syöte by rental car. It takes only about two hours to reach the Syöte fell area.

For more information and bookings, please contact Syöte Booking Centre, tel. +358 8 823 400 or

Taxi services

From Syöte taxi service and local operators you can order transfers from/to the airports (Oulu, Kuusamo, Rovaniemi) as well as agreed.

For more information and bookings, please contact Syöte Booking Centre, tel. +358 8 823 400 or