Metsähallitus Luontopalvelut

Syöte Visitor Centre

Nainen istuu kalliolla villapaita päällään. Taustalla näkyy metsää, joka on valkoisen huurteen peitoissa. Metsän yllä leijuu sumua. Kuva: Panu Mölsä / Metsähallitus

Syöte Visitor Centre is a handsome log castle by the gates of Syöte National Park. At the permanent exhibition, you can sense the presence of history and hear the whispering spruces. The exhibition presents the history of the interaction between man and nature in the backwoods of Syöte. While sipping a cup of coffee, you can admire the snow-crowned spruces or relax watching nature films. With the help of the up-to-date hiking tips that are provided by the visitor centre’s staff, it is easy to enjoy an active holiday amongst the wooded hills. Check opening hours from Visitor Centre’s homepage.

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