Aurora Hut Pytkyigloos


The igloo-inspired AuroraHut is an experiential accommodation located in Syöte, where the Arctic wilderness truly comes alive. This unique lodging option is equipped with large glass windows, providing the best setting for observing the Northern Lights, starry skies, or the enchanting light of the midnight sun.

During winter, the AuroraHut is situated in serene solitude on the frozen surface of Lake Naamankajärvi at Pytky Ranch. Here, away from light pollution, you can experience the moonlight and Northern Lights in their purest form. In the summer, this atmospheric accommodation floats on Lake Naamankajärvi. The waterborne experiential lodging includes a small terrace pier and a ladder for easy access to the water, allowing for a refreshing swim. With the electric outboard motor, you can also navigate the lake. Pytky Ranch provides direct access to Syöte’s hiking, skiing, and cycling trails. Guests have the luxury of enjoying a brisk sauna experience in the barrel sauna, complete with a winter ice hole for those seeking an invigorating plunge.


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