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Syöte Booking Centre offers a large selection of cottages, holiday apartments and hotel rooms.

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How about a luxurious suite at the top of Iso-Syöte fell, or a modern and high quality cottage at the base of the fell close to the slopes, or a small and inexpensive apartment just next to the hiking trail or having some own privacy in a cottage surrounded by nature? We will find from our large and diverse selection of accommodations a suitable alternative for every taste.

You can easily pick to you accommodation booking all the additional services you need – linen, wood for the fireplace, safaris and other activities. In our online booking system there is detailed introduction and information of all our cottages and apartments.

You can browse our selection online and make a booking at any day, any time. You can check the availability, make a booking and pay your holiday easily. We will send you a confirmation of the booking to your e-mail address.

You can get everything with just one booking!

If you want to add some additional services to your accommodation booking, please contact us.

You can book everything through us, for example the ski passes for Iso-Syöte and Pikku-Syöte slopes, additional services for your accommodation and all safaris and excursions. You can also order meals delivered directly to your accommodation or reserve a dinner table at the restaurant. If you want to experience the gentle steam of a traditional Finnish smoke sauna or have a relaxing massage, inform us and we’ll book them for you.

Let us know what you wish for your holiday. We will find the most suitable accommodation for you and add all the extra services you need. Let’s plan a wonderful holiday in Syöte!

Syöte Booking Centre

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