Learn to ride a Mountain Bike – course

Maastopyöräily tutuksi -kurssi

Mountain biking is a fast-paced and versatile nature-sport that is currently at its peak of popularity! Mountain biking is suitable for nature-loving people of all ages. In this course, you will learn the skills, technical and safety issues to ride on the mountain biking trails with respect for nature and other off-roaders. You can go further by bike!

Content for the Familiar with Mountain Biking course:

10.30 am Meeting in the auditorium of Syöte Nature Center.

Presentation, program of the day. Helmets and accessories are moved out and the group gets familiar with the bikes, right adjustments and different parts of the bike: tires, gears, brakes, steering. We will discuss different types of mountain biking and different types of mountain bikes. Searching for a suitable driving position.

Off-road driving exercises:
Uphill and downhill driving, braking, en route and group driving, mountain biking etiquette. Ride on a mountain bike route, where you go through the riding technique in different terrain conditions, learn how to use the gears efficiently and look for suitable riding lines. Long trees, overcoming obstacles, safe pace.

In the end, bike washing and basic maintenance.

Closing of the course and feedback at about 1.30 pm, followed by a soup lunch at Café Korppi in Syöte Visitor Center.

The course is led by an instructor who has completed the Mountain Biking Instructor course.


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