Things to do at the Syöte National Park

The Syöte National Park is full of adventures! Start your trip from Visitor Centre.

Biking on Wooded Hills

Perhaps the best terrain for mountain biking in Finland! For bikers, Syöte offers a versatile network of trails, ranging from challenging to more relaxed routes. There are about 110 kilometres of marked mountain biking trails in the area.
The mountain biking trails run along trails in forest areas in the Syöte National Park and the Iso-Syöte Hiking Area. There are plenty of altitude differences on the trails and the terrain is versatile, ranging from sandy heaths to aapa mires. These trails are recommended for more experienced bikers. It is advisable that novice bikers first undertake Syötteen kierros (Syöte Circular Trail). There are very few road sections along the trails! The mountain biking trails have been marked with pink paint on the terrain.

You can set out on all routes from the Syöte Visitor Centre, where you can buy a map and obtain up-to-date information on the condition of the routes. You can hire mountain bikes from local entrepreneurs, and it is also possible to participate in guided excursions.

Did you know that summer is not the only biking season in the Syöte area – there are also winter biking trails in the national park!

Bike rental

Iso-Syöte rental +20 147 6476
KIDE Hotel by Iso-Syöte +358 20147 6474
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Hotel Pikku-Syöte +358 8815 4000

Enjoying Nature by Hiking

In the Syöte area, you can go on a hiking trip that takes several days! Most of the hiking trails in the area are maintained by the Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services. There are more than a dozen day trip destinations in the Syöte area. Even though you would only hike along one trail, you would be able to admire the handsome wooded hills, study the delicate natural features of riversides, or sense the atmosphere of old-growth forests. There are pleasant rest spots by the trails. Siberian jays are frequent visitors to these rest spots.

In the Syöte National Park, it is easy to set out on a hike that takes a few days. The national park boasts six open wilderness huts and two reservable huts. In addition, there are lean-to shelters that are suitable for overnight stays. Pitching a tent is allowed next to the rest spots. There are only a few hikers on most of the trails in the Syöte National Park, so you will be able to trek in the peace of the wilderness.  You may enquire about the hiking trails at the visitor centre. The expert guides are happy to help you in planning your hike.

Tips for planning your trip: The Metsähallitus’ trails and services can be seen on

Disc Golf close to the National Park

There is an 18-hole disc golf course in the forest close to the visitor centre, also providing challenges for experienced disc golfers. The longest distance from hole to hole is 228 metres! Most of the course runs through the forest. However, there are no shrubs, so the visibility is good. It is advisable to wear rubber boots on the disc golf course in early summer, in particular, as there are plenty of puddles on the course. You can hire mid-range discs at the visitor centre, and you can also get a map of the disc golf course. Completing the entire course takes at least two hours. At the end, you can have snacks at the visitor centre’s lean-to shelter.


The Picturesque Syöte

Syöte is a photographer’s paradise. The national park and the surrounding areas boast numerous outstanding destinations. Earlybirds climb onto the summit of Pyhitystunturi in order to capture the sunrise. The landscape of wooded hills opening out from Pyhitystunturi is handsome in all directions. From the bare rocky top of Pyhitystunturi, you can almost hear the lap of a ripple on Lake Kostonjärvi.
In order to photograph the light in the evening, climb to the summit of Romevaara Hill or Iso-Syöte Fell, from where you can photograph charming sunsets. The misty wooded hills enchant all photographers. Those who are fascinated by details can photograph Alectoria growing on the branches of ancient spruces, spider webs, as well as cloudberries and heath spotted orchids blooming on mires.
You can share photos on the Syöte National Park’s Facebook pages!

Canoeing at River Pärjänjoki

A day canoeing along River Pärjänjoki provides a new kind of experience of Syöte for first-timers, in particular. The lushness of nature in midsummer, the blooming marsh marigolds by the riverbanks, the bubbling rapids, and the waterfowl taking off in front of your canoe are things that you cannot experience by hiking. River Pärjänjoki is suitable for first-timers, when accompanied by a more experienced canoeist. In midsummer, in particular, you cannot avoid your canoe or kayak coming into contact with the riverbed. You can set off from the Kuivaskoski boat launching site, and the trip’s ending point is located at a distance of 22 kilometres, by the Rytinki road at Harriranta. The Anninkoski day trip hut is located along this canoe route. Allow a whole day for this trip.

Geocaching in the Backwoods

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity that is popular all over the world, so it is small wonder that there are more than two million geocaches in the world. Caches are often put in places that are particularly fascinating and worth seeing. By geocaching, you may even find new places in your neighbourhood. Needless to say that there are many caches in handsome places in Syöte! Warning – you may become hooked on this pastime.

Fishing in the Wilderness

Angling and ice fishing are permitted at the ponds of the national park under everyman’s rights. With a lure permit, you can go fly or lure fishing at State waters.

Fishing at Lake Naamankajärvi and River Pärjänjoki requires a separate licence, in addition to the State’s fishing management fee ( You can buy this separate licence at Syöte Visitor Centre or Syötekylän kauppa (shop). You can also pay the fishing management fee at the visitor centre.

Fishing licences for Kovalampi Pond are sold by Aten kotakahvio (Atte’s Lapp ‘kota’ hut café, Kelosyötteentie 9) and other Kelosyöte entrepreneurs.

Good luck in fishing!

For further information, please contact Syöte Visitor Centre.