Syöte for Families

Paths made by ants, a number of species that utilise decaying wood, and small animals on the riverbed! The wilderness is full of fascinating objects of study for families with children. The Syöte area boasts a number of day trip destinations that can also be reached by children. The visitor centre also hires out a child carrier backpack (Halti).

A few hiking tips:

Start your trip from Syöte Visitor Centre

It is advisable that families with children start their visit to Syöte at Syöte Visitor Centre, where maps and up-to-date information on the trails are available. The visitor centre also provides activities for children.
A nature film, presented on the screen of the visitor centre’s auditorium, also fascinates children.

The Naavaparta Trail (3 km) is accessible by pushchair, all the way to the Annintupa hut and back. Naavaparta (“the bearded old man”), who appears on the information boards, presents himself at the beginning of the trail, and along the trail, he tells amusing stories about life in the forest. Along the trail, children will find exciting tasks when opening the Pytho kolwensis themed windows that have been fixed onto information boards. The trail is easy. The hikers return to the visitor centre along a trail that runs through the forest. The trail’s starting point is located by the Syöte Visitor Centre, under the gate of the national park.

Along the Kellarilampi Nature Trail (1 km), hikers will learn about the creation of a mire and an esker. There is a decent campfire site along this trail, which is accessible to all. When heading to Kellarilampi, take a hook and line and worms with you, as, according to Naavaparta, the pond is rich in fish. Drive to the trail’s starting point via Rytinkisalmentie Road.

Some sections of the Vattukuru Ravine Nature Trail (2.1 km) have duckboards. The starting point of this fairly easy circular trail is located along a road running from Syöte to Taivalkoski, at a distance of about 3.5 km from the Syötekylä crossroads. There are information boards along the trail that present the life of the old-growth forest and the creation of the ravine. There is a lean-to shelter on the bottom of the ravine. You may even see a flying squirrel, as they thrive in this area!

Huipun polku (Syöte Summit Trail, 0.9 km) runs on the top of Iso-Syöte Fell. Here you can admire the wonders of the tiny fell plants and the mosaic of the wooded hills, as well as enjoy the fresh winds blowing on the fell! The trail begins from the parking area of Iso-Syöte Hotel. It also ends there.

After half an hour’s drive from Syöte towards Taivalkoski, you will arrive at the charming Soiperoinen esker reserve. On a hot summer day, Soiperoinen is a must to visit, as it boasts crystal-clear ponds where you can go swimming. The nature trail along the esker is 3.5 kilometres long, and there are three campfire sites along this gorgeous trail.

The protected old-growth forest area of Lake Kaunislampi is located 12 kilometres away from the Rytinki village shop towards Ruuhensuo. The destination is suitable for children who are able to walk a few kilometres. The walk around the lake is 6 kilometres long, but you can visit the southern end of the lake, where you will find a day trip hut, where you can eat your snacks. Kaunislampi (“a beautiful pond”) is worth its name at the time of autumn colours, in particular. Driving time from Syöte 30 minutes.
Tip: there are loads of berries in this area waiting to be picked. Berry and mushroom picking is permitted in all parts of the national park!