Start your excursion to the national park from the Syöte Visitor Centre, which is located at the foot of Iso-Syöte Fell. The visitor centre is accessible for all. Many trails start from the visitor centre’s yard. Please feel free to ask more from the staff!

Rytivaara Crown Tenant Farm and Shepherds

The Rytivaara Crown Tenant Farm is an outstanding destination. Its rich cultural history is revived in the old tenant farm buildings, which you can visit freely. During the summer of 2016, a herd of sheep will graze on the pastures of Rytivaara. A shepherd will tend to the sheep. There will be one shepherd at a time, and each shepherd will work for one week. Visitors may go to see the sheep freely. However, please remember to respect the privacy of the shepherd who stays at Rytivaara. The 4-km-long trail from the Ukonvaara parking area is easy.

Ahmatupa Hut

The Ahmatupa hut is located in the heart of the Syöte National Park. You will find the Ahmatupa reservable hut and its famous sauna along Ahmankierros (Wolverine’s Circular Trail). The gentle heat of the sauna is relaxing, and the story goes that a man even proposed to his girlfriend on the stairs of this sauna. The other half of the Ahmatupa hut is an open wilderness hut, providing free access for all hikers. This challenging trail is 17 kilometres long. Along the trail, you will find Koiratupa, Annintupa, and Ylpiätupa, which are day trip huts. You are allowed to pitch a tent in their yards. Please contact the Syöte Visitor Centre for booking reservable huts.

Pyhitysvaara Hill

Pyhitysvaara is the highest wooded hill (422 m) in the Syöte National Park. From the summit of Pyhitysvaara, great views open out towards Lake Kostonjärvi, which is part of the Iijoki watercourse. Pyhitys is an ancient sacrificial site for Sámi people. There are still signs of these ancient times on the hill slopes: rocks that were used as tables on which some bounty of the lake and the forest was sacrificed, ensuring good luck in hunting and fishing. The walking distance from the parking area to the summit of Pyhitys is 2 kilometres. A lean-to shelter is located midway along the trail.

Romevaara Hill

The steep wooded hill of Romevaara is covered by spruce forests. The trail running through the forest sets challenges for its climbers. The trail (which is 6 kilometres there and back) is one of the most challenging trails in the area with steep ascents and descents. Gorgeous views open out from the summit of Romevaara towards the Pärjänjoki river valley and Ahmavaara Hill.

Vattukuru ravine

In Maaselkä area, Vattukuru ravine was formed by the melting waters of the Ice Age about 10 000 years ago, when the water, which had been trapped between the hill slope and the ice sheet, burst out in the depression between the hills. Vattukuru Ravine is easy to reach. From Syötekylä you can drive on the road 862 towards Taivalkoski few kilometres, after which there is a sign where to turn for Vattukuru. In and around Vattukuru there is a 2,1 km long Nature Trail. There is a lean-to shelter by the trail.