Huts in the Syöte Area

There are both free-of-charge and chargeable huts for overnight stays in the Syöte area. Hiker will also find lean-to-shelters, camp sites and day trip huts for short time resting.

The best known of the free-of-charge huts are open wilderness huts. There are nine open wilderness huts in the Syöte area. There are also day trip huts, which are not meant for overnight stays.
In addition, there are lean-to shelters for hikers in the Syöte area. Spending the night at these lean-to shelters is allowed. You are allowed to pitch a tent in the yards of all huts and campfire sites.
Pets are allowed in the huts.
By reserving a chargeable, locked hut, you can be sure you have a place to spend the night. Ahmatupa, Rytitupa, and Isoniemi are chargeable reservable huts in Syöte. Please contact Syöte Visitor Centre to book the huts.
It is recommended that large independent groups use either their own tents or reservable huts for overnight stays.
Most of the huts and campfire sites in the Syöte area are maintained by the Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services. The maintenance includes the firewood and the emptying of the dry toilets, for example. There is no waste management at the huts, as we adhere to the principle of litter-free hiking: “If you can take it there, you can also take it back.”

Feedback from the National Park

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