Syöte Summer Trails

There are 122 kilometres of marked hiking trails in the Syöte area. The main starting point for the trails is the Syöte Visitor Centre, where you can buy trail maps and obtain up-to-date information on the condition of the trails.

Day trip destinations

Amongst the easy day trip destinations in the Syöte National Park are:

  • Rytivaara Crown Tenant Farm
  • Pyhitystunturi
  • Naavaparta Trail and the Annintupa hut
  • Vattukuru Ravine Nature Trail

Some popular hiking trails in the Syöte area:

  • Pytkyn pyrähdys (Pytky Spurt Trail), 9 km
  • Rytivaaran kierros (Rytivaara Circular Trail), 9 km
  • Syötteen kierros (Syöte Circular Trail), 17 km
  • Ahmankierros (Wolverine’s Circular Trail), 17 km

Route proposals for longer hikes:

  • The Ruuhensuo parking area – Raatetupa (open wilderness hut) – Rytivaara Crown Tenant Farm – Toraslampi (open wilderness hut) – the visitor centre. Length 36 km. This hike takes two nights. The nights are spent at open wilderness huts.
  • The Ukonvaara parking area – an overnight stay in a tent by the Peronlampi lean-to shelter – Ahmatupa (reserverable or open wilderness but) – the visitor centre. Length 25 km. This hike takes two nights.

The hiking trails have been marked on the terrain with yellow paint signs, and there are wooden signposts at the starting points and crossroads of the trails. The UKK Trail, which runs through the area, has been marked with blue paint signs. Always take a map, a mobile, drinks, and snacks with you when setting off for a hike. Follow the paint marks and signposts carefully.

The Syöte National Park applies the principle of litter-free hiking, so there are no waste collection points in the area.

Syöte Biking Trails

Perhaps the best terrain for mountain biking in Finland! For bikers, Syöte offers a variety of trails, ranging from challenging to more relaxed routes. There are about 150 kilometres of marked biking trails in the area.

The mountain biking routes run along trails in forest areas in the Syöte National Park and the Iso-Syöte Hiking Area. There are plenty of altitude differences on these trails, and the terrain is versatile, ranging from sandy heaths to aapa mires. These trails are recommended for more experienced bikers. It is advisable for novice bikers to first undertake Syötteen kierros (Syöte Circular Trail). There are very few road sections along the trails! The trails have been marked with pink paint signs on the terrain.

The bicycle touring routes are easy and suitable for day trips with families with children. Four routes are interconnected and there are brown signposts along the routes. There are numerous pleasant rest spots along the bicycle touring routes, such as the Kellarilampi lean-to shelter and the Taimenmutka open wilderness hut.

You can start all trails from the Syöte Visitor Centre, where you can buy a map and obtain up-to-date information on the condition of the trails. You can hire mountain bikes from local entrepreneurs, and it is also possible to participate in guided excursions.

River Pärjänjoki Canoe Route

The section Kuivakoski Rapids – Toraskoski Rapids – Annintupa hut – Harriranta (22 km) is suitable for canoeists with some experience. However, even beginners may do this section when accompanied by a more experienced canoeist. According to the rapids scale of the Finnish Canoe Federation, these rapids belong to class I or II. The canoe route starts from the Kuivakoski Bridge. There is a small parking area and signposts by the bridge. The services available for canoeists have also been signposted. The canoe route ends by the bridge of the Rytinki road (no. 858) at Harriranta, and the boat launching site is on the left, before the bridge. You can still canoe, if you like, from Harriranta along River Pärjänjoki to the mouth of River Livojoki, which extends the trip by about 30 kilometres more. An open canoe and a kayak are the best vehicles for travelling along the river. You can buy a route map at the Syöte Visitor Centre.