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To book a treatment, please call + 358 40-5201192 / Anna Sarajärvi (beautician entrepreneur).

Smoke sauna and dining in a wilderness hut

In the serene, peaceful an natural beauty of a small lake called Hanhilampi, surrounded by trees and hills you can enjoy a typical Finnish, traditional wilderness dinner cooked over open fire. A candle lit path takes you to the lakeside where a smoke sauna and a hole in the ice are waiting for you to dip in!

The cook prepares your meal in the traditional Lappish style kota hut by an open fire. The hut is lit with candles and wooden benches are covered with reindeer skins.


Menu 1€ 35Smoked reindeer or fish or meat soup
Menu 2€ 39Reindeer soup
Menu 3€ 60Creamy mushroom soup, Sauteed reindeer, potato mash, lingonberries and pickled cucumber
Menu 4€ 68Creamy mushroom soup, Smoked salmon and potato mash, Dessert

Kota hut rental 195,-/group
Smoke sauna 495,-/group + 6,-/towel

Minimum 10 persons.

Prebookings, please email gerralda@isosyote.fi or call +358 201 476400