We think that freestyle skiing and -boarding should be fun, challenging and absolutely fun!

Finland´s Southernmost fell offers great variety of freestyle terrain. Iso-Syöte SnowParks covers everybody from beginners to pro riders. Including MiniStreet, JibPark and Iso-Syöte SnowPark there is lot of options to play with! All parks are groomed and hand shaped daily.

Come and see for yourself or get to know the parks better below.


The main park introduces three difficulty level lines, which you can either follow or mix from the top to the base. It is not only the longest (1000meters) but also the most versatile terrain park in Finland!

Ever changing park offers a great amount of features which are also moved around and replaced during the season. So you won’t get bored even if you ride with us every week. All features are positioned in an order for you to easily mix and match, making it possible to get changing runs with as many hits as possible.

Three different difficulty lines ensure that you are able to, safely, progress fast as a skier or rider. When the size and the complexity of the feature increase steadily, learning is easier and distressful. So just chill out and enjoy! 🙂 The smallest line is also great next step after the MiniStreet.

There is always a delicious setting of rails, boxes, jumps, kickers, wallrides, corners, bonks and other knick knacks in Iso-Syöte SnowPark. There is no “perfect setting” however, our park crew works hard throughout the season to make the park always a bit better.

See SnowPark map and open features here.


Our JibPark is a unique concept in Finland. It’s been finding its shape from 2011 and will be better than ever this season! The main idea is to offer you a skate/scoot park inspired playground on snow. This is the place where the features do not make you feel antsy, all of them are relatively small and mellow. However they are also imaginatively placed to trigger rider’s imagination. This is not the spot to send it big, but to style it out! It is a great place to play for a snowboarder or a new schooler of any level as the rider is the one that sets the difficulty limit.

Iso-Syöte JibPark setup consists mainly from rails, boxes and bonks. It is located right by Iso-Syöte SnowPark, allowing you to ride in both of them on the same run.

Using your imagination is the main idea in JibPark. However if you have an “unispirational day”, Iso-Syöte SnowPark crew recommends trying the “SnowDice”. Or for a challenge just ask the guys to ride with you!

Double t-bar next to Iso-Syöte SnowPark carries riders up the fell, ensuring a smooth lapping. As there are a few different freestyle areas in Iso-Syöte, people tend to split rather evenly around the resort. So you never need to wait for your turn for too long. Iso-Syöte illumination has been renewed lately, so there is no harm from the shadows even on a darkest night.


Iso-Syöte MiniStreet is designed to be the place to start your freestyle riding or skiing, you find a great variety of fun features to practice on. MiniStreet is located on Iso-Syöte SnowWorld. The mellow surrounding ensures a distressful and safe atmosphere. The whole MiniStreet can be seen from the base of SnowWorld.

All the features are miniature versions of the ones in Iso-Syöte SnowPark. This way it is easy to move on to the bigger park when the time comes. The take-offs and landings are mellow, and located well apart from each other. Small, ride-on boxes are perfect for getting the first feelings of sliding on a man-made feature. From the hip-jumps you are able to actually get some air, without having to think about over taking a flat, or a gap.

Even though MiniStreet was designed for freestyle beginners, it seems to be so much fun that you can see riders of any levels there just playing around and enjoying themselves.

MiniStreet offers a relaxing place for all ages to learn freestyle and have fun!

Burton Riglet Park

There’s no Riglet Park in the winter season 20-21.

Iso-Syöte offers an official Burton Riglet Park in Iso-Syöte SnowWorld during weeks 8, 9 and 10.

Iso-Syöte Riglet Park is an area designed for three to six year old children to learn snowboarding in a fun and safe matter. Playpark like Riglet Park contains freestyle features that assists learning the vital movements needed in snowboarding. A young child is ready to jump on a riglet park as soon as he or she an hold a little balance. The main purpose is to offer an opportunity to have fun on snow for young children as well!

You find Riglet snowboards and boots from Iso-Syöte rental shop . Boards are soft flex to ease twisting and turning, riglet reel has been attached for pulling the board. Iso-Syöte ski school offers Riglet Park lessons.

Read more about Riglet philosophy.

Smart Style

We pay extra special attention to the safety of the skiers and riders in all Iso-Syöte freestyle terrain. Daily maintenance of Iso-Syöte SnowPark, JibPark ja MiniStreet is done first with the snowcat and then checked and fine-tuned by our SnowPark crew. The crew shapes every feature by hand to ensure the quality and safety. On peak season they also do maintenance work during the day to keep the features top-notch. To make sure the landings of the kickers stay clear, fences are set up before opening. Additional attention has been put to make the park wide and open in order to allow great visibility and avoid blind spots.