Iso-Syöte Snow World is the place to be for families and kids! Walk trough the gate to meet our mascot reindeer Musti and Lysti (hint:they looove lichen), ski in four easy slopes, barbecue sausage on traditional Finnish open-fire, play, toboggan! Snow World is a fantastic place to enjoy holiday as a family.

Snow World

In SnowWorld, kids can spend time with friends of their own age, or practice their skiing skills. To make downhill skiing effortless and fun for the kids, they can use the easy button lift, slow pace t-bar, magic carpet lift or rope lift. If your child is on skis for the very first time, he can learn about the secrets of downhill skiing in the ski school, in the guidance of skilled instructors. The SnowWorld slope profile is designed for the whole family. The more experienced juniors also have their slope with waves, race track and mini rails & jumps.

All lifts are free for kids 6 years of age or younger, wearing a helmet. Toboggan slope, play ground and snow labyrinth are also free of charge.

Adventure Forrest

On the side of the Iso-Syöte Snow World is the newest slope of the resort. You can maybe only see the funny signs towards the narrow entrance, but fear not to enter, it is a place of adventure! Curving in the magical snowy forrest the track takes the explorer to a thrilling adventure. See, hear, discover and experience something new everytime you ski into the Adventure Forrest!


Iso-Syöte MiniStreet is maybe the most skied slope in Iso-Syöte! Designed to be the place to start your freestyle riding or skiing, you find a great variety of fun features, jumps, boxes and rails, to practice on. MiniStreet is located on Iso-Syöte SnowWorld. The mellow surrounding ensures a distressful and safe atmosphere. The whole MiniStreet can be seen from the base of SnowWorld.

All the features are miniature versions of the ones in Iso-Syöte SnowPark. This way it is easy to move on to the bigger park when the time comes. The take-offs and landings are mellow, and located well apart from each other. Small, ride-on boxes are perfect for getting the first feelings of sliding on a man-made feature. From the hip-jumps you are able to actually get some air, without having to think about over taking a flat, or a gap.

Even though MiniStreet was designed for freestyle beginners, it seems to be so much fun that you can see riders of any levels there just playing around and enjoying themselves.

MiniStreet offers a relaxing place for all ages to learn freestyle and have fun!

Iso-Syöte ski school

Welcome to enjoy the joy of skiing in the cheerful company of Ski Resort Iso-Syöte’s skilled instructors! Iso-Syöte Ski School provides both private and small-group lessons. The private lessons are always tailored to guests personal needs.

Riglet Park

There’s no Riglet Park in the winter season 20-21.

Iso-Syöte offers an official Burton Riglet Park in Iso-Syöte SnowWorld during weeks 8, 9 and 10.

Iso-Syöte Riglet Park is an area designed for three to six year old children to learn snowboarding in a fun and safe matter. Playpark like Riglet Park contains freestyle features that assists learning the vital movements needed in snowboarding. A young child is ready to jump on a riglet park as soon as he or she an hold a little balance. The main purpose is to offer an opportunity to have fun on snow for young children as well!

You find Riglet snowboards and boots from Iso-Syöte rental shop. Boards are soft flex to ease twisting and turning, riglet reel has been attached for pulling the board. Iso-Syöte ski school offers Riglet Park lessons.

Read more about Riglet philosophy.


Kids enjoy their time in Hippula by playing and making handicrafts in the guidance of skilled instructors. Hippula is located in Iso-Syöte, between Ski Bistro Romekievari and the children’s slopes.

Hippula is open during the christmas and winter holiday weeks (8, 9, and 10) and during Easter at 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., in February on Saturdays  11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Prices 5 €/hour/child and sibling prices 4 €/hour.

Further information about childcare

+358 201 476471