Syöte Booking Centre offers a large selection of cottages and holiday apartments also at the Iso-Syöte area – at the base of Iso-Syöte (Ollukka and Hulhava), at the top of Iso-Syöte fell and in the middle of Iso-Syöte fell.

Hotel Iso-Syöte offers accommodation at the top of Iso-Syöte fell, in Kelo cottages and Fell Top Cottages.

KIDE Hotel is situated in the heart of Iso-Syöte. Brand-new apartment hotel features functional and beautiful scandinavian style rooms, each having a kitchen and a balcony.

Kuuru Tunturilaakso welcomes to spend magical nights in the glass roof Suites under the arctic sky.

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Hotel Iso-Syöte & Safaris

Hotel Iso-Syöte on top of the fell Iso-Syöte offers accommodation for every taste and need in the form of comfortable hotel rooms and suites with panoramic views, modern Fell Top cottages and traditional silver log Kelo cabins. Hotel Iso-Syöte is not just a hotel but also a safari provider.

Hotel restaurant Panorama opening in February 2020.

KIDE Hotel

KIDE Hotel is in the heart of Iso-Syöte, leaning to the Syöte National Park. Our brand-new apartment hotel features functional and beautiful scandinavian style rooms, each having a kitchen and a balcony. And only five minutes walk from KIDE Hotel are located the Kuuru glass roof suites. Suites are ecological mini log houses equipped with big windows and heated glass roof.

Activities such as skiing, snowboarding and snow shoeing on the crisp mid-winter days blush your cheeks and give you a hit of arctic excitement. Enjoy the surrounding snowy winter wonderland views with its fells, forests and frozen lakes. The nature will take you to another world. The pale midday sun at day, and a sky full of stars at night, or if you get lucky, the auroras.

After active outdoor day you have a chance to enjoy sauna and indulge with local delicates at our restaurant. Our hotel restaurant Tuba uses a lot of ingredients that are organic and locally produced. There is always food on our menu that is vegetarian friendly.

Syöte Booking Centre

Syöte Booking Centre provides a wide range of cottages, cabins, vacation apartments and hotel rooms. In addition, it also offer activities as well as special ideas such as cottage catering or smoke sauna evening allowing for a perfect holiday. If you want to take your pets with you, then book a pet-friendly accommodation. If you miss a little bit of luxury then they will suggest jacuzzi equipped cottages and hotel rooms.

Kuuru Tunturilaakso Suites

Welcome to spend magical nights in Kuuru Tunturilaakso glass roof Suites under the arctic sky.

We offer you a phenomenal way to experience the Finnish nature and the beauty of the Northern Lights in our luxury Suites which have been built by local companies and decorated by Finnish top designers. Addition to astounding views over the glass roof Suites, Kuuru Tunturilaakso offers a unique combination of pure Finnish nature, peace and modern Scandinavian design.