Syöte Booking Centre offers a large selection of cottages and holiday apartments also at the Iso-Syöte area – at the base of Iso-Syöte (Ollukka and Hulhava), at the top of Iso-Syöte fell and in the middle of Iso-Syöte fell.

Hotel Iso-Syöte offers accommodation at the top of Iso-Syöte fell, in Kelo cottages and Fell Top Cottages.

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Hotel Iso-Syöte & Safaris

Hotel Iso-Syöte offers accommodation for every taste and needs in the form of modern cottages or silver log cabins. Hotel Iso-Syöte is not just a hotel but also a safari provider. It is located at the top of the fell where you can see far into the distance.

Syöte Booking Centre

Syöte Booking Centre provides a wide range of cottages, cabins, vacation apartments and hotel rooms. In addition, it also offer activities as well as special ideas such as cottage catering or smoke sauna evening allowing for a perfect holiday. If you want to take your pets with you, then book a pet-friendly accommodation. If you miss a little bit of luxury then they will suggest jacuzzi equipped cottages and hotel rooms.