Cross-country skiing trails

Spectacular skiing opportunities

The hilly Syöte region has more than 120km cross-country skiing trails going through beautiful nature. They’re waiting to be enjoyed by both traditional style and skating skiers.

Trail map and maintenance status

Check the online trail map that allows you to see real-time information.


77 km of nordic skiing tracks


85 cm of natural snow

Cross-country skiing pass

Trail maintenance (responsibility of Latupooli) is financed by local entrepreneurs and the municipality of Pudasjärvi. Profits from sold ski passes and ski trail maps also helps pay for this necessary maintenance.

Passes and maps can be purchased from Tunturi Market Iso-Syöte, Syöte booking Centre, Hotel Iso-Syöte, Hotel Pikku-Syöte, National park visitor centre, Pärjänkievari, cafe Ahmatupa, Ski centre Iso-Syöte.

Pytkynharju cafe

This cafe offers coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot juice, doughnuts, pancakes, grilled sausages, etc. as well as home-baked pastries on request. It also offers local crafts.

Opening hours

Rental equipment and maintenance

Iso-Syöte rental

tel. +358 201 476 476

Pikku-Syöte rental

tel. +358 8 8154171

Relax in a sauna after skiing

Safaritalo allows you to use its sauna on weekends from 12.00 – 17.00. The same time period on other days but the sauna must first be heated for 30 minutes. Showers are charged 5 euros per person.

For more information contact Arcticson, 040 7086704

Pärjänkievari saunas are warm from 14.00 – 22.00. The shower can also be use durin the mornings, 5 euros per person.

Further information from Syöte Resort, 0400 499 215,