Nature and respecting it is one of the key values of all companies located in Syöte. We want to cherish our surrounding nature so that future generations could also experience the frosty covered trees and true wilderness of Syöte.

Syöte is taking part in Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland programme, which helps us to develop the sustainable practices in the region and in the companies. Below you will find some examples of the sustainability measures companies are taking at the moment.

All the companies in Syöte recycle their organic and other waste as effectively as possible. There are receptacles for all recyclable material; paper, cardboard, metal and glass. All hazardous waste is properly delivered to special sorting and handling centers. Food and all other assorted waste are delivered to the waste incinerator at Oulu which is considered one of the most efficient in Europe.

Local companies attempt to support local suppliers and products. For example, using local ingredients in restaurants and selling souvenirs made by the locals. Almost all companies are using the sustainability Green Start programme.

A responsible business means in general that the companies are voluntarily taking into account not only financial environment but also social and ecological aspect in all their business decisions.

Hotel Iso-Syöte has built their own power plant to produce all the energy needed for heating the hotel. The heat is produced by burning waste wood which they get from a local sawmill. The savings in electricity used is 50 % yearly. This is all done using 100 % renewable energy! HVAC systems are modernized to save heat energy and AC use. The energy for heating the main entrance and floor also comes from their own power plant. 90 % of all the lights have been changed to LED.

At the end of 2013 Hotel Pikku-Syöte changed their heating system to a geothermal heating system. Geothermal heating system is an environment friendly system which uses the natural warmth from the ground, bedrock or water.

In 2014 Hotel Pikku-Syöte began using green electricity which is produced from renewable raw material and by domestic work force.

KIDE Hotel features functional Scandinavian style that has been built from the beginning using wood from the Nordic forests and utilizes the Finnish quality work. In the hotel, rooms stay warm with the geothermal heating. Less water is been used with new taps, showers, toilet seats and other kitchen as well bathroom utensils. Less rubbish is been produced by using refillable toiletries.

By the KIDE Hotel lies LumiAreena that provides first-class setting for events and seminars. The arena has been built of logs that is the brand of the local town Pudasjärvi – the log capital of Finland. Log buildings are warm, energy efficient and acoustically excellent; the indoor air quality is very pleasant that complies with the strictest building regulations and is able to stand all types of environmental stresses and variable weather conditions.