Published 24.11.2017

Iso-Syöte- Finland’s best!

Iso-Syöte is Finland’s best ski resort overall! World Ski Awards selected Iso-Syöte as the best ski resort and Hotel Iso-Syöte as the best ski boutique hotel in Finland for the year 2017. Known as the ski industry Oscars, World ski awards is highly respected around the world. The winners were announced in a gala event in Kitzbühel in Switzerland last saturday. All together 1,6 million votes were given around the world.

Ski resort Iso-Syöte owners and entrepreneurs Heidi and Mikko Terentjeff are excited about the price! We want to follow our own path and be the leaders, not the followers. This price gives us trust to continue on the chosen path!

It is fantastic to get this nomination! We offer a unique and truly different experience in very peaceful and untouched surroundings. In Iso-Syöte guests the amazing nature and snow is always close and present. You can feel the true Finnish experience with every sense. Guests are treated in warm and personal manner.

Iso-Syöte is a great ski resort for families and first-timers. SnowWorld area is like a small ski resort inside a larger one. It has been built to be the best place from learning the basics to improving better, all in a gamely manner. From the SnowWorld you find four slopes, four lifts, slalom track, snow waves, magic forest, mini street, mini boarder-x and much more!

But Iso-Syöte is also a lot more, than a family winter wonderland. Resort owner Mikko Terentjeff also works as a snowboard coach for the youth national team in Finland

I have a lot of experience in snowparks, but being honest our three parks in Iso-Syöte are top of the world. Our park crew is very professional. They work the southern hemisphere winter also, and they keep the parks in Iso-Syöte in a top shape every day.

There is also a good variety of slopes and off-piste riding for powder hounds in Iso-Syöte.

Hotel Iso-Syöte, best 5th time in a row!

Hotel Iso-Syöte was selected to be the Best Ski Boutique Hotel in Finland again in year 2017. Hotel owner Juha Kuukasjärvi and his wife Katariina were receiving the price in Kitzbühel

We are a family company and every person in our small crew has their heart in this. It feels great to get noticed for the hard work we have done in Iso-Syöte. Our renewed spa and luxurious and unique suites are probably the corner stones for this price, but we shouldn’t forget the most important things in ski tourism, that we great at! Hotel Iso-Syöte is a true ski-in/ ski-out hotel, where you can literally get to the slopes and cross-country tracks straight from the hotel door.